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UAE Visa


UAE Embassy

Address :

Bungalow No.7, Jolly Maker Apt., I,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai-5
Tel.: 2281 3616 / 2218 3020

Currency :


Capital City :

Abu Dhabi

If the applicant has travelled to USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Newzealand and Japan in last 2 years then no documents are required, only passport with 6 months validity, 2 Photos, and return conferm air ticket.

if the applicant has not travelled to any of the above countries then Income Tax Return with yearly income of more then 2 lacks or investments or FD more then 5 lacks



Fees : DVPC ( only Emirates ticket )

Rs. 4500/- For 96 hrs
Rs. 5000/- For 1 month

Visa Form Dubai Marhaba Visa Form


Fees : Marhaba ( Other Airlines ticket )

Rs. 4500/- For 96 hrs
Rs. 5000/- For 1 month

Note : Further, any change in fees, additional document or personal presence of the applicant might be required which is at the discretion of the Consulate